Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Robinson Family (twist ending story)

Some say the devil is just a myth to put fear in gods children on earth. Others may say everybody has a little devil in them, people just have to choose right from wrong. There was a family that lived on a ranch in the middle of a small, country town in West Virginia. They were happy and always had good intentions. They milked cows, and crew crops. They were good farmers and made great money. They are currently in the process of building a barn. Bradley and Jessie are sent to buy tools.
“Go get some tools son from the general store” John said. “We need those tools ASAP to build the walls and siding.” Jessie and Bradley made their way to the store. “I wonder why pa is so hard on us jessie, its not like I do anything wrong.” Jessie replies,” He loves us and I’m sure he wants the best for us.” “It always seems like he loves Sally the most, he always buys her jewelry and clothes like she’s some prized piggy at the fair.” Well she is the youngest, and she is always good. I remember pa saying once that she is by far the best behaved of all of us.” Bradley says nothing. There is a silence for a brief moment. “well I don’t understand it at all, She is well behaved.. but aren’t we all?” “I guess your right, we can never really understand why unless we ask him” said Jessie. Bradley replies,” I would wrather not”.
They approach the store and walk in quickly to ensure they meet pa’s deadline. “I need to roofing hammers and nails please as well as some siding material” “You got it” the store clark replied. They gather the tools and headed home. They stop at a stop light waiting in what seemed to be forever. “Why wont the light change?” Said Jessie. “I’m not sure but we are in a major hurry.” They wait patiently. “What’re you starring at Bradley?” “This crow is starring at us good, Something seems strange about it I swear i’ve seen it following us since we left pa’s.” “Lets just hurry home I’m getting a little freaked out.” They hurry home and show pa the tools they have bought.
“Perfect!” Pa says in amazement. “Pa we didn’t wanna let you down” they both said. They begin building the walls. “This will take all day you two, but I have faith in you guys. You two are very hard workers I’m sure we can get this wall build by the end of the day.”
Hours later Pa begins making dinner for Sally, Jessie, and Bradley. “Pa is making us steak and potatoes tonight” They rarely get good meals so this must be some sort of an occasion. Pa comes in and serves them with 12oz steak with buttered asparagus and crispy potatoes. “Thanks daddy!” says Sally with a big smile. “Your welcome sugar plumb”. Sally is very happy. “Well guys after you eat go straight to bed, we have a lot of work to do tomorrow.” “Ok” They all reply. The family finishes eating and heads to bed. Bradley wanted to stay up through the night however. He wanted to start building the roof to surprise his dad in the morning. Bradley has much experience due to his construction job so he was sure he could get most of it done by the morning.
Everybody is asleep except Bradley. He heads out toward the barn and climbs up on the roof. He begins to hammer and place down shingles as he nails them in. His only light coarse is a lamp he found in the shed. It provided just enough light to see what he needed. Moments later he hears something. Like small footsteps of a small animal perhaps. He looks around holding the lamp but the lamp however provided minimal light. Just then the lamp breaks. Something has shattered the lamp. Bradley cannot see a thing. He then makes out a black figure in front of him. “Whos there!?” There was no answer. He’s makes his way to the ladder and begins to climb down when all of a sudden the ladder tumbles downs. Bradley smashes his head on the ground and shatters his neck and multiple areas. Bradley is dead.
Pa is in his room thinking about his wife and her death summers ago. The police said it was a suicide. How could this be he thought? “my wife was happy, we loved each other.” The police said she turned the knife on herself. But what motive was there? There was no warning, no signs. He begins to cry. He hears something in the room. His tears made his vision blurry. “Jessie is that you?” At that moment his throat was slit and he bled out with a river of blood. As he laid there in his last seconds of life he tries hard to make out the black figure in front of him. “It will be ok” a small girls voice said. “Sally? Is thaa-t you..”He had no time to react, not even a chance. Jessie hears the noises coming from pa’s room and runs to see what is going on. Before she even steps in the room she is struck in the stomach and thrown into the wall with fierce strength. She was killed instantly. The house was dead silent.
A great evil was at that farm that night. Nobody truly knows what happened that night. There were no leads, no way of knowing what happened that night on the robinson ranch. What puzzled police most was Sally was nowhere in sight. Nobody could explain where she could’ve went. Perhaps nobody will ever know.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alien Clan On Forsget (Sci-Fi)

On the alien planet of Forsget There were multiple Aliens. But of all the aliens there was a clan. The clan consisted of a Young alien named Zhug, Two Middle sized aliens name Rogue and lugs, and a large alien named Bennett. This clan is very underground and not very well known however, that will soon change.
On a scorching hot morning on The red hot planet Zhug awoke to loud noises. He turns the corner and finds himself in front of two outsider thugs. “Get yo hand up petty slab” the thugs say. Zhug is scared to death. He doesn't know what to say as he stands in fear. At that moment Bennett came around the corner guns blazing. The thugs ran in fear. "Its always good to have you, Bennett" Zhug said. The aliens all went to the meeting stone. They all start talking about how they get no respect and are considered a fake clan. Zhug suggested they rob a bank.
"Rob a bank don’t sound like a bad idea" said Bennett. " We would have to gather special explosives to bust open the vault however. "Thats easy said rogue, I know just the person. " They made there way down to the city were a lot of other crazy clans chill. Many clans look at them like the were some kind of children's club. They think of them like petty dogs. Bennett knows this. He know that not a day goes by that they think of other clan. A long time ago Bennett wanted to leave the clan. They are made fun of everyday so its not a surprise that he would wanna leave. I know that if i were in a clan of a bunch of fake thug i would want out ASAP. It such an embarrassment to be seen in a clan like that. A couple alien years ago they tried to blow up the Guza Capitol. They had a whole scene and everything. People were frightened to death, until they realized the clan actually forgot the bomb. The whole clan was shocked as the crowd charged them like bulls in a circus. What a day that was for the 5 aliens. They ran away like cowards. Ever since that day they never tried anything and were always made fun of by the tougher clan and gangs.
"So this is how we are gonna rob this bank" said Bennett. "We need to roll in there shooting with force, heavy artillery will be needed as well such as plasma grenades and Laser rifles. Any questions?" "where do we get the guns?" said Zhug. "In the chest behind you you worthless loaf". "oh yeah boss sorry". "Any other questions?". "Yes, what bank are we to rob?” Bennett had no idea what bank to rob. He wanted to make a huge impact on their clan reputation so he thinks he should raid the largest bank on Forsget. But how will he accomplish that when his clan cant even deal with petty thugs? He has no choice.. He must make a fast change and ignore the risks.
“We will attack the main bank of Forsget”. Rogue is shocked in amazement. “ I cant believe you just said that, we are going to attack the main bank of Forsget with little experience. We are known as bottom feeders, we don’t stand a chance against the royal elite guards”. “But we must try said bennett, What choice do we have?” Everybody agrees. They start to plan how they will do the bank job. Bennet and Zhug head in guns blazing while rogue and lugs sneak around back. This plan may work because the guards will be distracted as Rogue and Lugs steal the money.
They make there way to the bank. Many people make fun of them as the go saying thing such as “look at these worthless fake thugs” and so on. They ignore them, they know they have what it takes to get the banks money. The bank is not far and know body knows what the outcome will be of this bank job. It is said that the bank cannot be robbed. Everybody is afraid to even come close to vault, for they would be gunned down without question. It seems the clan will need more then luck to successfully do this job.
Bennett and Zhug approach the bank doors as Rogue and Lugs head around back. Bennett then awaits for then signal to move in. On the outside he shows no fear however, on the inside his is in great fear for himself and his clan. He gets the signal and they move in fast. Bennett blows open the door guns blazing. Lasers and plasma flew everywhere, 4 guards were dropped instantly. The both move in and open fire on 6 other guards. They are heavily outnumbered. While the guards are being distracted with gunfire, Rogue and Lugs move in through the back like cats in a dark alley.They move toward the vault and place explosives. “10 sec until detonation” said Lugs. They move behind a desk while hear nothing but chaos in the next room. BOOM! The vault is open. They make there way down to the money and collect what they can.
“Zhug watch out!” A grenade Just missed him as it exploded. They are heavily outnumbered . “Fall back said Bennett. They should have the money now” They fall back as a hail of lasers fly past then. All of a sudden Zhug is Hit. “Im hit!” shouted Zhug. “I got you man” Bennett said. He pick him up and gets out of there as fast as he can. He moves through the alley and gets into his flying car. But Rogue and Lugs are know where is sight. “where are they” said Bennett. “Im not sure but they need to hurry the guards will find us soon. At that moment Lugs and rogue come around the corner and hopped into the flying car. They get out of there fast with no death and a bunch of money.
The clan is then the most respected clan on Forsget. Nobody ever made fun of them and always gave them respect. Nobody really knows how lucky they got. Only they know. They know they should have died that day but still went through with it, ignoring all the odds.